Examples of vegetarian cuisine

(Minato Fritters)
Fried grated lotus root mixed with yam, filled with the leaves of nozawana greens which are simmered in sweetened soy sauce.
(Full Moon)
The outer skin is boiled, mushed yam blended with rice flour, filled with.
a mixture of chestnut flour, mushroom and Japanese honewort fried with soybean paste produced in Nagano.
The round shape represents the full moon and looks like oyaki, a special product of Nagano. It's eaten with starchy mushroom sauce.
(Flower of Ishimochi)
Boiled sweet rice topped with yam soup.
(Seasonal fried items)
  1. from winter to spring
    田毎の月(rice paddies with multiple reflections of the moon)
    Fried turnip stuffed with miso mixed with finely chopped butterbur and eaten with salty sweet bean paste on top.
  2. From summer to early autumn
    丸なす姿田楽(skewered round eggplant)
    Round eggplant fried whole, skewered and spread with black miso and shinshu(Nagano) miso. Round eggplant is a special product of Nagano.
  3. From autumn to winter
    いちぢくやきのこの天婦羅( fig and mushroom tempura)
    Tempura of simmered fig and mushroom in a salty coating
    You can eat it as it is.
(Boiled seasonal vegetables)
  1. spring
    You can taste various Japanese vegetables such as parsley, bracken and so on as the season goes on.
  2. summer
    Morocco green bean and mioga ginger
  3. autumn
    mushroom steamed with sake and radish produced in the Togakusi area (vitamin-rich radish)
  4. winter
    greens cultivated in snow and dressed with sesame seeds or peanuts
(Food cooked in seasoned broth)
  1. spring
    bamboo shoot, butterbur, hachiku bamboo and so on
  2. summer
    winter melon, okra, tomato and so on
  3. autumn
    taro, pumpkin and so on
  4. winter
    mugwort flavored wheat gluten, burdock and so on

★The menu may change according to the season and delivery conditions.